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Illinois Foreclosure Settlement Press Conference

Attorney General Lisa Madigan Press Conference

                            Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan stands with her Advisory Council, Robin Snyderman and Karen Muchin after the July 17th press conference.

On July 17th, the Illinois Attorney General announced the recipients of the most recent round of Illinois foreclosure relief funds that were dedicated to community revitalization and housing counseling. In total, fifty-four organizations and entities received $70 million to support neighborhoods and households struggling with the ripple effects of the foreclosure crisis statewide. Karen Muchin and Robin Snyderman worked with the Attorney General and her Advisory Council on this effort, and joined these parties at the Press Conference. In addition to Attorney General Madigan, speakers at the Press Conference included Advisors Antonio Riley, King Harris, Juanita Irizarry and Sharon Hess. Descriptions of their remarks can be found below:

  • Antonio Riley, the Midwest Regional Director for HUD, pointed out interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the organizations selected to receive funds. He spoke about how this approach supports resilient and sustainable communities, and national “best practices” in community revitalization. Click here for Antonio's full remarks.

  • King Harris, Chairman of Harris Holdings, Inc. and former Board President of the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC), talked about the funds being used in a non-duplicative manner. He emphasized that the organizations being funded were undertaking either new or supportive initiatives, supporting statewide priorities and coordination. Click here for King's full remarks.

  • Juanita Irizarry, Senior Program Officer at the Chicago Community Trust, discussed the diversity of people and groups both involved and positively affected by the organizations awarded funds from this round of the National Foreclosure Settlement. Click here for Juanita's full remarks.

  • Sharon Hess, the Executive Director of the Southern Illinois Coalition for the Homeless, focused on the geographically diverse use of funds and the way in which agencies from across the state were being brought in to support neighborhoods and households throughout Illinois. Click here for Sharon's full remarks.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan Press Conference

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan speaking, joined by Robin Snyderman and Karen Muchin, as well as her advisory council, including the four speakers listed above.

For more information, here is the Attorney General's press announcement and the more detailed report on organizations and entities awarded funds through the December 21st Request for Qualifications and Proposals. Click here to download a report on the tools and technical assistance developed by the awardees. For more information on next steps, please do not hesitate to call or email.

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