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The people at the core of BRicK Partners, LLC—principals Karen Muchin and Robin Snyderman, senior managers Beth Dever and Samantha DeKoven, project manager Ouida Jones, bring decades of skill in public policy, finance, government relations and community engagement to their work.

Project Manager

Ouida Jones

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Ouida Y. Jones is a licensed real estate broker with over 20 years of public and private affordable housing and real estate development experience.

Ouida is managing the Regional Housing Initiative (RHI) Waitlist process as well as working on several other mobility and housing projects at BRicK Partners, LLC. She recently completed her work as a Detroit Revitalization Fellow where she worked on innovative initiatives to move the city beyond its bankruptcy and back to greatness.

Ouida recently managed a HUD funded Regional Demonstration program which involved 8 local housing authorities and looked at ways to use mobility (moving Section 8 voucher clients to better areas) more effectively on a regional scale and also how to improve portability (relocating using a voucher) across jurisdictions. While working at a housing authority, she was responsible for identifying, reporting and doing feasibility studies on development opportunities within the County for housing authority. Ouida also developed a Homeownership program for a small CDC which included using City owned lots and leveraging funding from state and local agencies.

Before her non-profit life, Ouida was an affordable housing owner, providing housing to CHA voucher families, a real estate investor—buying, rehabbing and selling property and a real estate franchise owner. Prior to real estate, Ouida’s first career foray was in information systems, where she worked for ten years as a developer, business analyst and technical analyst.

Ouida has a B.A. in Economics from Princeton University and a M.S. in Accountancy from DePaul University.

Ouida Jones