The Reparations Work Underway in Evanston, IL: Promoting an Affirmative and Accountable Government

Officed in Evanston,  BRicK Partners was honored when Robin Snyderman was asked by the American Bar Association Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law to write an article about the town’s historic Reparations work.

Already a big fan of former Evanston Alderman Robin Rue Simmons, now the executive director of FirstRepair and the visionary behind this monumental effort, BRicK was even more honored that Robin Rue Simmons accepted our invitation to co-author this important piece.

With the publication complete, and new perspective on “a tale of two Robins,” both FirstRepair and BRicK Partners see many opportunities for collaboration in the future.  BRicK’s experience promoting equitable communities through a variety of regional housing solutions and FirstRepair’s expertise in Reparations combine to offer new perspective and tools to supplement local, regional and national efforts.