Beth Dever

Beth Dever (Senior Project Manager) has been with BRicK since its founding in 2012. She has focused on capacity building, research, policy and program assessment and implementation, and stakeholder engagement for numerous clients, including the Brookings Institution, the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC-Berkeley, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, and the Southland Development Authority. Beth has also helped to implement planning processes in Aurora and Cook County, and managed the partners conducting the CAPABLE health-housing initiative of the North West Suburban Housing Collaborative.

Prior to BRicK, Beth served as a consultant to the Ford Foundation’s Metropolitan Opportunity Unit, which supported regions across the US in their housing, community development, human services, and transportation efforts. At Ford, she assisted the team with grantmaking and analysis of investment opportunities, stakeholder engagement, and research and writing projects. Beth is proud to have been the founding Housing Director of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, working with the Chicago region’s 273+ communities as the point person on housing and community development, economic development, and diversity issues. Beth helped the mayors to create long-term strategic plans, directed a multi-year Regional Housing Needs Assessment project to help communities understand their housing supply and demand, participated in the creation of inter-jurisdictional housing organizations, and produced numerous tools and resources for municipalities.

Beth has an undergraduate degree from Brown University and a Master of Public Policy from the Irving B. Harris School at the University of Chicago.