Our Team

The people at the core of BRicK Partners bring decades of experience in public policy, finance, government relations and community engagement to their work. Whoever the lead on a client assignment, BRicK Partners ensures that the range of everyone’s skillsets are deployed.

Robin Snyderman, Principal and Co-Founder

A national industry expert, Robin has been providing leadership in the housing and community development policy arena for over 25 years. Known for pioneering innovations in Illinois and nationally, Robin continues to enjoy the process of innovating needed solutions with and for BRicK’s clients. 

Other key places worked: Metropolitan Planning Council, San Francisco’s Mission Housing Development Corporation

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Karen Muchin, Principal and Co-founder

Specializing in affordable housing finance with over 25 years of experience, Karen is known for being a strategic thinker with a passion for leveraging private capital to impact public good. Additionally, Karen has a Master in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Other key places worked: Affordable Housing Investors Council, JPMorgan Chase, IFF

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Beth Dever, Senior Project Manager

Beth has contributed her vast knowledge of housing and community development to BRicK since its inception, including her first-hand understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the Chicago area’s 273 elected officials and communities.  At BRicK, Beth plays a key role in managing client relationships, producing written work, and assisting with funder outreach and stakeholder engagements.

Other key places worked: Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and Ford Foundation

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Michelle Merritt, Project Manager

Known for her patience under pressure, Michelle has had over 15 years of community and economic development experience with a unique talent for collaborating and engaging diverse communities and neighborhood stakeholders. 

Other key places worked: Related Midwest

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Inoa Batista, Associate

The newest person at BRicK, Inoa is delighted to infuse her assignments with lessons learned from her educational work in Anthropology, a double-major in cross-cultural relations and visual studies, as well as her experience in grassroots community building around social justice and cultural identity  in Hartford, Connecticut,  Valparaiso (Chile) and her original home town of Oaxaca (Mexico).  Utilizing her interest in art and education to create beautiful and professional presentations, Inoa has already supported BRicK’s work for a number of clients — including the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and Illinois’ Office of the Attorney General — and recognizes the role of housing within a holistic approach to planning and community development.


BRicK’s college and graduate school interns are a valuable part of our team…

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